Why Impact Windows are Excellent at Reducing Noise

It is normal to hear the hubbub of the outside world as you go about daily life. But it can also be an inconvenience to hear the kids playing outside on a morning when you just wanted another hour of sleep. It is irritating to hear the neighbors playing loud music when you just want a quiet evening. Or simply dealing with the constant waves of traffic while you are on a video call. All these problems are solvable with impact windows and how they can help with reducing noise. 

While many people buy impact windows because of their capabilities against hurricanes, their sound-proofing abilities are worthy of your attention. 

Impact Windows and the STC

The STC rating on windows (Sound Transmission Class) determines the windows’ ability to block out sound. The higher the STC the more soundproof the window. To work out the sound class of a window experts test the glass and the frame against 18 different frequencies. 

A regular window with a single pane and wooden frame rates as an STC 20 on average. Double glazed windows can be as low as 29 or as high as 35 depending on the thickness of the glass and the amount of air space given. 

Windows with an STC of 45 or higher are in the soundproof range. 

In general, as laminated hurricane-proof glass, impact widows have an STC rating of 35 to 39. 

How does Impact Windows Help with Reducing Noise?

Many layers of different materials and glass. Different companies use different materials to make their impact windows. Some of the strongest windows use lamination and insulation to increase the impact ratings of their glass. This, in turn, reduces the noise pollution giving you a quieter home. 

You can also find air space between the panes of glass in impact windows. This air space allows for better energy efficiency, a sturdier window, and is an excellent tool for reducing noise.

Composite and Aluminium frames are popular choices for impact windows because they are sturdy and don’t require as much maintenance as a wooden frame. These choices are also better at soundproofing than other frames. With the right sealing, they can make your home a much quieter place. 

Thick laminated glass and solid frames combined can reduce the outside noise by 40% or more. 

Does Impact Windows Stop All Noise?


Impact windows do not specialize in soundproofing your home. However, as a by-product of making a glass window that defends your home against the force of a hurricane, impact windows are really good at reducing the amount of noise that enters or exits your home. 

Impact Windows Work With and Without a Hurricane

Due to the extent that an impact window can reduce the noise inside your home, people have begun using them for their homes even in areas where hurricanes are unlikely. For instance, in the UK where hurricane windows are not a requirement, there is a rise in impact window requests for added security, energy efficiency, and soundproofing.

No matter where you live, an impact window can improve the quality and value of your home. 

Reducing Noise in Your Home with Impact Windows

For safety, security, privacy, and a reduction of sound pollution from the outside try impact windows from G&R Impact Windows and Doors. Our windows are more than a safety feature to protect your home from the elements that are a way of life. 

With impact windows, you can increase your home’s value, bring in more light, increase your home security and energy efficiency ratings as well as reduce the noise pollution in your home. For a free estimate contact us through our website or call us at 305-414-2484. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer any questions you may have.  

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