What to do if a Window Breaks in a Storm

It can be terrifying when a storm sweeps through the town causing devastation. But then a hurricane shutter breaks or a window shatters and before you know it, your home is at the mercy of the hurricane. Your safe haven is no longer safe, and the storm is now inside your home. What do you do? What happens when a window breaks in a storm?

First, don’t panic. Here’s what to do if this ever happens to you. 

Safety First

Always take the safety of yourself and your family into consideration first. If the storm is still raging, move away from the windows. Get yourself into a room that has no windows, if possible. This could be a hallway or a closet, somewhere central in the home. 

A broken window is a danger during the storm as the high winds can send shards of glass flying around the room as well as other pieces of debris. 

Be sure to shut the door to the room that has no window. 

Securing the Window

When there is a lull in the storm or when the hurricane has died down you can attempt to cover the window and lessen the danger in the room. There are a few ways you can attempt this. 

  • Hardwood. If you have hardwood and nails inside your home, you can use these to cover over the window. 
  • Cardboard and tape. Taping the card over the window can lessen the wind and rain damage in the short run. 

A quick fix will not undo the damage that has been caused but it can prevent further damage and flooding to your home should the storm increase in intensity once more. 

Increasing Safety

Also, during the lull in the storm, you will want to quickly and carefully increase security in the room where the window has been broken. To accomplish this, do the following:

  1. Carefully pick up any pieces of broken glass and move them to a safer location, like a box in a room with no windows. 
  2. Search the room for loose and potentially dangerous debris and move it out of the room.

Do not stay in the room if the storm picks up again. Seal off the room and get your family where it is safe. 

Important Safety Note

Only attempt to patch your window and re-secure your room if it is safe to do so. 

The force of nature is not a power to be taken lightly, if there is even a chance that entering the room may cause harm to yourself or to a member of your family then opt to stay where it is safe until the storm has passed. 

Any damages can be taken care of with help from your insurance company. Take photographic evidence and note down what has been damaged in the event. 

Preparing For the Next Storm

There are three main options you can take to improve your window security during a hurricane. 

  • Hardwood boards
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Impact Windows

All three main options have been proven effective against a hurricane, but the most effective and useful of the three is the impact window. Impact windows do not need covering, nor do they need any preparation time before a hurricane. They are ready to go 24/7. 

At G&R Impact Window and Doors in Miami we provide impact windows Miami Dade Certified hurricane windows to help you keep your Florida Home safe. It is everyone’s right to a safe and secure home, so we provide an excellent finance option to suit your needs. 

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