What Should I Do If My Roof Is Damaged In A Storm?

Going through a storm event produces two types of stress. There’s the stress produced by experiencing the storm itself. Then, there’s the stress of returning your life to normal as quickly as possible afterward. This is intensified if your home suffers any kind of damage.

Roof damage is particularly anxiety-inducing because of how important it is to the overall structural safety of your home. If your roof suffers storm damage, here are a few things you can do.

Assess the damage

As far as possible, try not to go up on the roof to do this. Stay at ground level and look for signs of damage. This would include shifted or bent shingles, exposed areas of your roof’s interior structures, or dents from debris or hail impacting your roof.

On the inside of your home, look for water damage on your attic’s ceiling, or even leaks in the living areas.

Once you’ve seen any of these, there are some further steps to follow.

Call in the professionals

If you’ve identified signs of damage, you have two options. You can have a contractor take a further look and provide you with a quote. If the repair cost is small, you might decide to handle them yourself.

More severe damage and a larger bill might have you looking to your insurance company for help. In this case, once you contact them, they’ll send an assessor out to have a look. The assessor will determine the extent of the damage and make recommendations to the company.

Have any pictures that you would have taken during your assessment and the quote from the contractor. This will help support your case.

Once the insurance company receives this information, they will review your application and decide whether to honor or deny your claim.

Pitfalls to avoid

High demand for roofing and contracting services after a bad storm might make you desperate to seek help from itinerant contractors.

These follow storms trailing in their wake, promising to fix the damage at attractive rates and in half the time. Many have been known to leave homeowners in the lurch, with unfinished repairs having collected full fees upfront or shoddy workmanship.

This simple three step process may not instantly provide you with repairs, or a new roof if you need one, but it will have you closer to it in no time.

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