What Impact Windows are Popular in Florida Homes in 2022

Windows are more than just a practical way to light up your home. They bring in light and airflow as well as provide us with amazing vistas. They can also increase the value of our homes, especially when they are on trend for the area. 

Finding impact windows up to code is a challenge when you are also looking for style. The following windows are currently trending in Florida in 2022. 

Picture Windows

2021 encouraged keeping your windows bare or only covering with sheer curtains to retain the light. 2022 is all about bringing in the natural light through size. There’s no better impact window for this than a large picture window. 

Impact picture windows are often cut to the size you need for your space. This means you could have a feature window that runs floor to ceiling to take in that perfect view. Or it could mean that you install a long horizontal window to bring in the light. 

Architectural Windows

Rectangles and sharp edges are so 2021. This year is about the fluidity and smoothness of curves in all aspects of your home environment. With an architectural window you can have those curves built into your wall. 


A good casement window can bring in just as much light as a picture window. But, unlike the picture or fixed windows, these open. Casement windows open inwards, or outwards depending on preference. 

They are a great option for energy efficiency being considered one of the most energy-efficient impact window options.

Single/Double Hung

Probably the most common impact window that you will find in Florida is the single-hung window. They are proven to be strong and sturdy when pitted against storms, with sturdy frames and extra strong glass.

While you don’t get any style points for this simple window, its functionality wins out. With the choice of single hung (one moveable pane) or double-hung (two movable panes) you can decide how much airflow works for you and your home.

Roller/Sliding Widows

Another practical option for letting in as much natural light as possible is the roller or sliding windows. These windows are horizontal, often stretching the full length of a room, with sliding glass that can allow a great amount of airflow. 

Depending on the size of your roller windows they can be as budget-friendly as the single hung. On the other hand, if you wish for your window to make a statement, they can cost as much as a large feature window. 

Bay Windows

While some may consider a Bay Window dated, they are starting to make a comeback. Because they increase curb appeal it is found that a good quality impact bay window can increase the value of your home. 

A bay window protrudes outward often making a cozy seating area on the inside. Homes in Southwest Florida enjoy these in their kitchen and bedrooms as well as the living room. 

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