Transforming Spaces: Impact Windows & Doors in Commercial Properties

Do you own a commercial property? Is your commercial property starting to look a little worse for wear and needs updates? One option you may not have thought of is installing impact windows and doors. 

People are often quick to choose impact windows and doors for their home, but then overlook how much of a benefit they offer to their commercial property. Sure, it’s not going to fix all the issues your commercial property may have, but you’d be surprised at how many benefits they offer.

The Role of Impact Windows and Doors in Commercial Spaces 

Creating a commercial space that is pleasant to work in, allows for optimum productivity, and is ideal for customers requires careful consideration. But one thing you can’t deny is how much of an impact natural light has in a space, and impact windows can play an integral role in this.

Data has shown that natural light helps in the following ways:

  • Boosts the mood of people
  • Can improve the emotional wellness of employees
  • Improves creativity
  • Is better for overall eye health
  • People develop fewer headaches
  • Offers a boost of vitamin D

Ventilation is also important as it can help those with allergies, keep people more focused and productive and doesn’t allow dampness to settle in.

Commercial properties that have plenty of windows can take advantage of natural light, maximum ventilation, and create a more modern and cleaner space. When it comes to impact-resistant windows and doors, commercial property owners know they are built to last. They will provide all the above-mentioned benefits and require little to no maintenance. This cuts down on overhead costs while maintaining the aesthetics of the property.

Enhancing Safety and Security for Occupants and Assets

Attracting top talent to your business isn’t always easy, so once you do hire the right workers, you want to make sure they stick around. Providing a safe and secure workspace for employees, and occupants alike is also important.

A safe working environment means employees don’t have to worry about intruders, storms breaking windows, and even doors being blown in. Impact windows and doors can guarantee that level of safety for all.

And it’s not just the occupants who are protected, think about all the assets your commercial property may house. Things like tools, machinery, heavy equipment, merchandise, and more. 

Keeping those items safe and secure and reducing the risk of property damage and liability means you won’t have as many insurance claims or expensive repairs and replacements to deal with. These are the kind of expenses most businesses don’t budget for and don’t count on happening.

You also don’t want your business to get a negative reputation. The last thing you want is your commercial property to be labeled as high risk, with employees nervous to come to work.

Creating Inviting Environments

When designing a professional and welcoming commercial space, a number of factors need to be considered. We find windows are often an afterthought with commercial property owners, but they can have a huge impact on the visual appeal and ambiance of a property.

The materials used in the construction of impact windows, doors, and their frames tend to look very sleek and attractive. You can choose from different styles based on your space to increase the visual appeal. 

Improving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We understand that your operating budget is a concern as a commercial property owner and tenant. For this reason, it’s worth pointing out the improved energy efficiency you’ll get with impact windows and doors. 

These styles of windows and doors do an excellent job of eliminating air leakage and loss. Heating and cooling the space will also take less time and energy – which means your energy costs will go down.

Another benefit of impact windows and doors is that air can better circulate and you’ll find the overall comfort of your space increases. 

Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations

Compliance with building codes and regulations always has to be adhered to, so be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest rules. 

For areas considered high risk for security threats and/or severe weather, additional enhancements may be required. Impact windows and doors don’t just comply with more stringent building codes and regulations, but they tend to go above and beyond what’s required. For example, the Florida Building Code (FBC) states that for properties located within one mile of the coast and where wind speed is at least 110 mph, impact windows need to be installed. 

Tips for Commercial Property Owners and Managers

Here are a few of our top tips to ensure your property has what it needs and that you get the maximum return on investment as a property owner.

  1. Budget – We get it, budget is often a top concern for commercial property owners and managers. Pricing for impact windows and doors can vary greatly, but in general, you can expect a cost of $800 to $2,800 per window or door. They are typically about double the cost of a standard single-pane window, which has become obsolete nowadays.
  2. Design Requirements – Factor in the overall aesthetics of your building and your specific needs. You can find everything from traditional to modern, to contemporary designs. You may even want to experiment with different color frames and doors for added interest.
  3. Additional Windows Installed – Will you be adding more windows or does the property have enough as is? Should you want to install more windows, this will increase the overall cost.
  4. Building Codes and Regulations – Always be sure that whatever your window and door installation projects meet all building codes and regulations. This is something we can walk you through, making sure there are no issues.

Get a Whole New Look with One Simple Upgrade

Impact windows and doors are an upgrade that offers many benefits for commercial properties. Anything that can address a multitude of issues such as aesthetics, enhanced security, safety, and a more pleasing environment is well worth considering.



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