Tips For Choosing the Right Impact Windows for a Child’s Bedroom

A child’s imagination is something of pure beauty. So when choosing the right impact windows for your child’s room, take a step back and see the world through their eyes. How do they view the window? A door to another world? A magical item that will teach them how to fly?

Imagination is an excellent learning tool for children, but a parent should always take the time to ensure that the world where this imagination plays out is secure to help their child remain safe from harm. This is especially true of windows. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right impact window for your little one. 

Opening an Impact Window

Your child may not yet be at an age where they can open a window, but when they reach that age, how wide will they be able to open the window?

Single-hung and double-hung windows can open very wide. This is excellent for letting a breeze through the house, but it can be devastating if a child opens it on the home’s second floor. So keep in mind how wide you want your windows to open when choosing a style.

Casements windows are a popular choice for kids’ bedrooms as they have multi options for opening and locking windows. For example, you can open them a little and lock them in place, allowing for a breeze but not enough room for anyone to climb through. Or they can open as wide as a single hung. 

Having the options to prevent a window from opening all the way can save you a lot of stress and worry. 

A Child’s Room Needs Locking Impact Windows

Locks play an essential part in keeping your home and your children safe. The same is true of a bedroom window lock. 

To get the right locks, you may want to purchase a window with locks built-in, like a casement impact window, or you can buy locks separately. For added security, some people purchase smart locks and sensors so that you will receive an alert every time that window opens. 

Light and UV Protection is Important in a Child’s Bedroom

Every room needs sunlight, and it is far easier to take sunlight away than it is to add it. When you have too much sunlight, you counter this with the addition of curtains or blinds. You add more lights or get a bigger, better window when you don’t have enough light. 

Little kids don’t need a lot of sunlight, especially if they go to bed before the sun goes down, but by aiming to have as much natural light as possible from the beginning, you are removing a potential future issue. 

However, more sunlight means you invite more of the sun’s harmful rays. You can counter this problem by buying impact glass with UV protection between the panes. UV protection in Impact windows reflects the sun’s harmful rays out into the world and away from your child. 

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