The True Cost of Installing Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are excellent for defending your home against the hurricane season. However, installing them can be expensive. There is more to consider than simply buying the windows. You need to think about the many styles of window available and the colors that work best with your house. Then there’s the important safety aspect and making sure your windows meet the standards required for your area. Here are the main costs of choosing and installing hurricane windows in your home. 

Count your Hurricane Windows

When you buy one or two items a bill stays low, but the more you buy the more the bill is going to climb. This is the same with hurricane windows. So, before you start looking at the cost of replacing your windows, count the windows you have. 

The bigger the house, the more windows you are likely to have and the more it will inevitably cost to have all of your windows replaced. On the other hand, a smaller house with less windows will result in a smaller bill. 

Hurricane Window Options

There are many different window options that can also affect your final cost. From the color of your window frames down to adding tints into your glass. 

The Style

You can opt to choose large picture windows that give you a clear and amazing view of your surrounding area. Or you can choose a safe little window for your child’s bedroom, or double sash windows for your kitchen and living room. Each window style comes with its own price tag. 

The Design

Most windows come with the standard white option, but this is not the only option available. You can buy windows with different materials and different colors. However, adding different colors or choosing a better-looking material, like wood, can drive up the cost. 

The Strength

Hurricane windows need to meet the minimum requirements for your area. If you live in Miami your windows need to be under the Miami Dade Code which has some of the strictest requirements. These requirements are for your safety. They are there to ensure that your window can withstand the force of the hurricanes in your area. Always purchase windows to meet the hurricane needs for your area. 

Customization Options

Finally, you may want to add some customization options when purchasing your windows. You can choose to add a tint or fog, a grid, or even extra layers of low-e UV coating. All these little options can push the final price of your windows up. 

Installing Your Hurricane Windows

While it is possible to install hurricane windows yourself, this is a course best avoided. 

The problem with installing the windows yourself is that one fault with the windows can lead to hurricane damage and without your windows installation being signed off by a professional you risk nullifying your home insurance. This could cost you a fortune if your hurricane windows do not survive the hurricane. 

By seeking the aid of an experienced professional, it will cost you more but it will also ensure the safety of your home and family and keep your insurance company happy should you ever need them. 

Professional Hurricane Window Installation

The safety of your home and family during a hurricane can depend on the effectiveness of your window installation. This is why it is important to get help from the professionals. At G&R Impact Windows and Doors your safety is our concern. That is why we offer a free no obligation quote and an excellent financing option for all families. 

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