The States with the Worst Hurricanes (Should You Be Worried?)

2021 was another record year for Hurricanes in the U.S.

According to the Washington Post, this season produced 21 named storms, which is the third most on record.

The more worrying statement comes from the National Hurricane Center (NHC). They believe that the warming of the oceans will result in powerful hurricanes that occur more frequently in the coming years.

Many of the most recent hurricanes were a category 4 by the time they made landfall, with the result being serious damage and devastation.

So, just how worried do you need to be? Let’s take a look at the states with the worst hurricane stats.

Top 10 States with the Worst Hurricanes

1. Florida

Unfortunately, people living in Florida tend to be hit the hardest. Stats show that Florida receives at least 40% of the country’s hurricanes every year. What’s more, once these storms make landfall, they tend to be relatively severe, with winds of well over 100 mph, making hurricane protection essential in this state.

2. Texas

The state of Texas is next on this list, accounting for around 20% of all hurricanes in the United States every year. The hurricanes that make landfall in Texas have also been recorded as some of the worst, making hurricane season a stressful time.

3. Louisiana

Both Hurricane Katrina and Ida touched down in the state of Louisiana, leaving residents to deal with intense damage in the aftermath. Well over 25% of all hurricanes that occur in Louisiana are considered major hurricanes.

4. North Carolina

Next on the list is North Carolina, which accounts for just under 20% of all hurricanes in the U.S. On the plus side, only a small percentage of hurricanes that touch down here are considered severe.

5. South Carolina

South Carolina makes it into the top five of this hurricane list, accounting for around 10% of all hurricanes across the country. While North Carolina hurricanes aren’t always bad, hurricanes that make landfall in South Carolina tend to be slightly worse.

6. Alabama

While Alabama is on the list of states with the worst hurricanes, they don’t see all too many and when they do, the hurricanes aren’t severe enough to cause any major damage. Well over half of all Alabama hurricanes are usually category 1.

7. Georgia

Then there’s Georgia. The state doesn’t see all too many hurricanes and if they do, only a small percentage end up being major hurricanes.

8. New York

Not many people would think New York would be on this list but it is. Around 5% of U.S. hurricanes make landfall in The Big Apple. Fortunately, only around 20% of these storms were classified as major.

9. Mississippi

Next up is Mississippi, which is home to less than 5% of all U.S. hurricanes every year. However, when a hurricane does hit, there’s at least a 40% chance that it will be a major storm that causes serious damage.

10. Virginia

The final state on this hurricane list is Virginia, which also sees very few hurricanes every year. One plus is that on the off-chance Virginia does see a hurricane, they’re always categorized under category 3 or lower.

Preparing for Hurricanes in Your State

If you reside in any of the above-mentioned states, it’s essential to have the necessary hurricane protection at home in the form of impact doors, windows, and storm roofing. Hurricane season starts in June and runs all the way through to November, leaving a lot of room for potential hurricane and storm-related damage. If you need help with an estimate on hurricane protection, contact G&R on (305) 925-0818.

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