The Most Common Misconceptions of Impact Windows and Doors.

mpact windows and doors are becoming more and more popular as the hurricane season increases in intensity. They are a way of looking after your home and your family while maintaining a good looking home. But as Impact windows and doors have grown in popularity, the number of misconceptions surrounding them has also grown. 

Here we are calling out the most common misconceptions and debunking them. 

Anyone Can Install Impact Windows and Doors. 

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet on how to successfully install your own impact windows. What’s the problem with trying? It will save you money right?

There are 2 reasons why it is a good idea to leave impact windows to the professionals. 

  1. Insurance. If something goes wrong and your house gets destroyed, your insurance may not pay out as your Impact Windows was nothing more than a DIY job. While there is nothing wrong with doing DIY, mess-ups in this area could come at a high cost. 
  2. All it takes is one impact window or door to not be fitted quite right and your house could be the victim of a storm. Is it worth taking that chance?

Impact Windows are Clunky

Once upon a time, they would have been. They wouldn’t have been many designs available, and the priority was functionality over aesthetics. 

Nowadays however you can find impact windows and doors in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. So, no matter what your tastes are you can find an impact collection to suit you and your home. 

Their Only Purpose is to Make Your House Look Good 

They do make your home look good; we are not denying that. But it’s not the only thing they are good at. Consider the following excellent impact traits:

  • They are more energy efficient than standard windows.
  • Because they are made with tempered glass, they can withstand high winds and debris. 
  • Noise reduction is an advantage with impact windows and doors. 
  • They improve your overall home value. 
  • Impact windows and doors can reduce your home insurance premiums. 

They Are a Fire Hazard

Contrary to popular opinion there is no fire risk in an impact window. They are made of a highly porous material that cannot catch fire. Couple that with the specially formulated lightweight design to reduce the chances of a flame flareup. 

These two factors combined make them safer than standard windows in a fire. 

Impact windows and Doors are a Security Risk

When compared to standard windows and doors they are significantly more secure. 

While other doors and windows can be victims of forced entry, those of the Impact variety is designed to survive continuous high winds and the force of being battered with debris. 

A Burglar is going to have a much harder time getting through an Impact window or door than they would a standard one. 

Impact windows and Doors are Simply Too Expensive

When they first became a thing, getting impact windows and doors that met Miami Dade’s stringent rules would have meant a lot of costs. However, as technology has improved, so has the cost.

To make it even easier for families to purchase Impact protection for their homes, G&R impact windows and doors, (who serve all of South Florida) offer 100% finance packages that do not need any down payment. They believe that it is everyone’s right to a safe and secure home. 

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