The Key Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

If there is one thing that we know living in Florida, it’s that we need to be prepared for anything when it comes to the weather. It’s only until your home is impacted by a severe storm or hurricane that you realize how far a little extra protection can go.

But are impact windows and doors truly worth the investment? There are actually more benefits than you might realize – let’s take you through some of the top ones.

Top 5 Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

The most obvious benefit of impact windows and doors is that it eliminates or at least reduces the damage that a hurricane can potentially cause. Here are some of the other benefits you may not have considered.

1. One Installation and You’re Done

The thought of completely replacing your windows and doors might not sound too appealing at first, but once the installation is complete, you’re done. The materials used to manufacture these windows and doors are highly specialized, which means they are designed to be resilient and long-lasting. Plus, choosing impact windows instead of shutters means you don’t need to put them up every time there’s a hurricane warning.

2. Reduce UV Damage

The storms in Florida might be harsh, but so is the sun. You might not realize this but when the sun shines through your windows and doors, it gradually damages your furniture, artwork, photos, and even the paint on your walls. By installing impact windows and doors, you can reduce any UV damage because these products are designed to protect your home against the elements, including the sun.

3. Decrease Your Utility Bill

Another one of the key benefits of impact windows and doors is that you can reduce your utility bill by improving your home’s energy efficiency. Impact windows will reduce any heat gain during the warmer months and retain heat during the cooler months. You could always adjust your traditional windows to be more energy efficient, but impact windows offer more benefits.

4. Reduce Noise

If you struggle with outside noise in your neighborhood you will be glad to know that impact windows and doors can help with noise reduction. Because the materials are slightly thicker, they great an additional barrier that blocks out day-to-day noises that might interrupt your day.

5. Insurance Premium Discounts

Legally, insurance companies are required to provide homeowners with an insurance premium discount if they can prove they efficiently protected their homes against storms and hurricanes. In fact, some people can save thousands of dollars every year by investing in impact windows and doors.

Ready to install impact windows and doors and better protect your home? We can assist with product recommendations as well as the installation process. Contact G & R Impact Windows and Doors on (305) 925-0818 for professional advice and expert assistance.

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