Should You Get A Corner Window

There are so many things to consider when coming to the aesthetic of your home. Should we landscape the garden? What color should we paint the exterior? Do we get corner windows or not?

The last is a decision that can significantly improve the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior. It can also add expense and create structural issues if not done well.

What’s A Corner Window?

A corner window is two separate windows meeting at right angles to a wall’s edge. Your corner window can come with a mullion or without. 

A mullion is a metal frame placed between the two panes of glass to add structural support. There are also corner windows without mullions. This is where both panes of glass touch.

Look at that view

The advantages of an expanded bank of glass in any room are obvious and immediate. Firstly, there’s more light. Corner windows flood the room with light from two different directions. A corner window will be a good addition to any space that doesn’t get enough natural light.

They also make small spaces look larger. Corner windows are what architects pull out of their bag of tricks when they need to expand a tight, compact room.

Let’s not forget the view. With a corner window, there’s no wall to interrupt. Create panoramic scenes and enjoy them from the comfort of your living room. 

And this is just what they do for the interior of your home. From the outside, they are striking additions that will stop passersby in their tracks. While they lend something special to modern, minimalist looks, corner windows can be framed to match most architectural styles.

With great scenes come great responsibilities

Corner windows cost more than regular windows. On average, be prepared to spend between $1,000 to $5,000 on a single window, depending on their position and the materials used.

Their placement in the home also presents issues when coming to support, especially with frameless ones. Glass-to-glass corner windows require additional steel support in the upper wall to bear the weight of the structures above it.

Do you want your home to make an impact? We have a full range of window and door styles that are sure to get your attention. Come talk to us or call us at 305-925-0818.

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