Is a Storm Proof Roof Necessary?

Traditional rooftops, that use heavy clay and concrete tiles, are easy to damage in a storm. Hailstones can damage the tiles and force entry into your home, or wind can drive tiles off your roof. It increases the likelihood of water damage, allowing the hurricane to get inside your home and potentially completely take the roof off the home. Stormproof roofs defend against these issues.

What is a Storm Proof Roof?

A stormproof roof will do what your regular roof does and more. It protects your home from the elements. The difference comes in the types of materials used to make a stormproof roof and how they lay.

Metal is the most common material for stormproof roofing, specialized tiles, shingles, and slate are other options. As they build a storm proof roof they shape it and the tiles to reduce the stress of the wind pressure. The underlay on the roof should also be self-sealing or similar, removing the chances of the wind finding anything to tug at or grab.

Is a Storm Proof Roof Necessary?

It is about as necessary as your impact windows and doors. No protection will do your home any good if the storm removes your roof.

If your home suffers from frequent storms or massive hurricanes, a stormproof roof could offer your home the protection it needs to survive the season. Roofs in Florida, Miami, need to meet the Miami Dade County building code. It is not safe for a home to be without adequate roofing protection. Having a roof fitted by G&R Impact ensures that your roof will be Miami Dade certified.

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