Innovations in Impact Window Technology

Have you been eyeing impact windows and wondering if the time is right to install them in your home? Are you curious about the benefits they could offer and the technology behind them? Thanks to the many advancements in the industry, there’s never been a better time to install impact windows. Innovations in technology have led to better-performing, highly durable windows that homeowners can get peace of mind from.

We want to highlight the many innovations in impact window technology to show you just how far they’ve come and to give you a better understanding of what they can offer you at home.

Some of the main advancements we’ll be looking at here include:

  • Improvements to energy efficiency
  • Increased UV protection in the home
  • Reduced noise pollution in the home
  • Incredible strength and durability with advanced materials

Energy Efficiency Continues to Improve

For those who are mindful of energy efficiency, impact windows can provide real savings compared to traditional windows. Much of this can be attributed to the materials used and the specialized construction of impact windows. These kinds of savings cannot be realized with traditional windows.

Some of the ways that impact windows can improve energy efficiency include:

Increased Insulation


Insulation is instantly improved when you install impact windows. The materials used do a better job of keeping a consistent temperature in the house. Even the frames of impact windows are more heavy-duty and offer better insulation
Cut Down on Heat Transfer During Winter


Heat transfer during the winter months means heat is escaping from the home to the outdoors. Windows and window frames are some of the biggest culprits. Impact windows cut down on heat transfer significantly.
Glass Tints to Reduce Heat


Homeowners can choose a tint to be applied to the impact windows, which cuts down on the amount of heat entering the home. These tints are sometimes called coatings. This is extremely helpful for those in states that experience very hot summers.


Protect the Items in the Home and Your Skin from UV Rays

This particular feature ties into the glass tint or coating that can be applied to impact windows. Customizing your impact windows to include this tint means you are protecting the fabric, flooring and furniture in your home.

It’s a well-known fact that UV rays damage many home items, causing them to fade and discolor. By creating technology to tint the glass and thereby offer protection from UV rays, homeowners will be increasing the lifespan of various items in their homes. Fixing UV damage isn’t always easy or even possible. Let’s take a closer look:

Wood flooring


Refinish the floor by sanding and then painting or staining it. Often, homeowners need to hire a professional to do this. The more damaged patches, the more expensive the fix.
Laminate flooring


Depending on the style of the flooring, the damaged flooring will need to be removed and replaced.
Vinyl flooring (peel and stick)


Depending on the style of the flooring, the damaged flooring will need to be removed and replaced.
Fabric furniture (including leather)


Once the furniture has faded, there is no “fix” or way to restore it to its original condition. The best solution is often to use a slipcover to conceal the damage or expensive reupholstery.
Wooden furniture


Sand and paint or stain the furniture to repair the damaged areas.
Uneven wall color


Should homeowners move a photo, piece of furniture, painting or other items against the wall – that spot may look darker and more true to color. This is because the rest of the exposed wall has faded due to UV rays. Painting the wall will be necessary.


Did you also know that UV rays inside the home can also be damaging to you and your family members? It’s not just faded furniture and fabrics you need to worry about.

As the Skin Cancer Foundation points out, sunshine pouring through a window is a “sneaky way” that UV rays manage to put people in potential danger. People assume that while indoors, they are safe from the sun, but that’s not always the case.

It is estimated that about 50% of the UVA rays, which can cause skin damage, can get through standard glass windows. If you’re a homeowner concerned about UV protection, there is no better solution than laminated glass – impact windows, which do a much better job of blocking UVA rays.

The Materials Used Mean Impact Windows Can Stand Up to Noise

When installing new windows a homeowner may not be thinking about the effect they will have on noise, but we like to point out this other great technological innovation. Impact windows feature multiple layers for durability, but this durability has a secondary benefit – it cuts down on noise pollution. If homeowners find the outside noises distracting, installing today’s high-tech impact windows will make a huge difference.

A quieter home environment is something that many customers have signaled they want to achieve. Homeowners shouldn’t feel like they need to drown the outside noise out, rather there should be a simpler way to “block” it. Impact windows feature the technology to do so.

Making Homes More Secure Has Become a Top Priority and Impact Windows Offer Strength

Another way innovations in impact window technology have benefitted homeowners is the category of home security. Statistics paint a rather alarming picture of home security. According to the FBI, there are 2.5 million burglaries yearly, with a large portion of them using forcible entry.

When you break the statistics down further and discover that a home burglary is happening approximately once every 15 seconds across the country. This has led to homeowners looking for ways to secure their property and safety better.

Impact Windows Are an Intruder’s Worst Nightmare

While a home alarm system is always a wise investment, we like to inform our customers of the peace of mind impact windows can offer. Impact windows aren’t just protecting you from severe weather and objects coming through the glass during a storm. While they aren’t 100% guaranteed to stop an intruder, they are much harder and more time-consuming to break. That could give you and your family the extra time to call the police or set off your home alarm system.

We encourage homeowners to take stock of how many windows they have in their homes and which ones could be the perfect break-in point. Now imagine how much safer they could be with impact windows installed.

The Technology Continues to Advance

The great news is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Advancements in technology continue for impact windows, and we are happy to go over the latest specs and information with you. Contact us any time for more information or a quote. You can reach us at (305) 925-0818.




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