Hurricane Shutters Vs Impact Windows

In recent years hurricanes are visiting our homes more often and causing more damage. The rush to get plywood to cover the windows over and over again is both expensive and stressful. However, there are alternatives. Hurricane shutters and Impact windows are both viable options to protect your home from a hurricane. Like the plywood boards, they have one purpose: they are storm barriers. Created to protect your home and your windows from flying debris. 

Choosing the one that is right for you can be difficult. It helps to know:

  • How much they cost on average.
  • How they work.
  • What they will look like on your home.
  • How much protection they provide.

The Cost

When it comes to cost you will find that hurricane shutters are the more affordable option of the two. 

Hurricane shutters cost the average home $3,847 to be installed at every window. 

Installing impact windows in your entire home costs an average of $7,922, which is double that of hurricane shutters. 

It is worth noting that adding either option to your home will reduce your home insurance premium. On the other hand, Impact windows can increase your air conditioning costs. 

How Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows Work

Impact windows are created to stand against a hurricane. Once they are installed in your house, they are on duty 24 7. You do not need to do anything when a hurricane arrives, besides close any open windows. They are always ready to defend your home against the storm. 

Hurricane shutters are installed next to your windows. When a hurricane is on its way you need to close them all. How they close will depend on the shutter that you have installed. Once closed, they will defend your home against the storm. If the storm hits while they are not closed, your home will not be defended. 

Your Curb Appeal

How you enjoy the look of your curb appeal will strongly depend on your tastes. 

Hurricane shutters are installed next to or above windows. This can be seen as a quirky vintage look, or you might simply like the look of doors next to your windows. The most popular styles of hurricane shutters are Accordion, roll down, and Louvered. 

However, if this is not a look that you desire for your home, you will be better with impact windows. 

Impact windows look like regular windows. They come in as many styles as your normal windows do, with a variety of frames and styles to choose from. No matter your tastes or style you will be able to find an impact window to suit you. 

Which is Stronger, Hurricane Shutters or Impact Windows?

Average impact windows are built to withstand continuous wind speeds up to 200mph as well as all types of hurricane debris. 

The average hurricane shutter can protect your home from wind speeds and debris up to 100 mph. However, there are some stronger, sturdier hurricane shutters made of heavy gauge aluminum that can withstand up to 200 mph winds.

Impact windows also provide you with up to 70% of sound reduction, something that a hurricane shutter is not capable of. 

The Bottom Line

Impact windows are the better option when it comes to defending your home against a storm, but that doesn’t count hurricane shutters completely out. They are a great alternative for smaller budgets and will protect your home better than any regular glass window can. 

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