How to Prepare Your Garden For a Hurricane

Your garden is a fantastic place to hang out with family and friends during the warm summer months. But during hurricane season, it can quickly become a deadly place. Therefore, it is essential to plan how you will take care of your garden before a hurricane. 

This guide will help you prepare a plan for making your garden as safe as possible. 

Draw a Plan

As you go through this guide, draw a plan of your garden. Each section of the guide will take you through what you need to know in more detail. Make sure that you include the following information in your plan:

  • Trees. Where they are and their current health.
  • Plants. Which ones need taking inside, which ones need moving into sheltered corners, and does anything need anchoring? 
  • Furniture. What can come inside, and what will need an anchor outside. Also, note where you will anchor them.
  • Tools and Toys. Where they usually stand around the garden. 
  • Décor. What you will need to bring inside. 

If you have any storm drains nearby, it is also a good idea to mark them on your garden map, as you can check them to make sure they have no debris around them. 

What to do with Garden Plants in a Hurricane

You will need to bring plant pots indoors or store them in a garage. If the leaves are delicate or the plant stands tall with long thin stems, keep them inside a building. But be careful not to block any exits with them as you never know when you might need one. 

If you cannot bring a plant inside, place it in a corner near your building or against a large hedge. It will provide it with some protection from the storm. 

For trellising with plants growing up, you have two options. Option A is to lay them flat on the ground, preventing the wind from getting underneath them and carrying them away. Option B is to use rope and stakes to anchor them. 

Your Garden Furniture

Where possible, bring all garden furniture indoors, including your barbecue. The barbecue is not as heavy as you think, and a good storm will have little trouble in carrying it off.

If your furniture cannot come indoors, you need to secure them in a sheltered corner. Tie them together and anchor them down. You want them in a place where the wind is least likely to be able to carry them off. 

If you have anything in the garden that can catch the wind, tie these down too if you cannot bring them inside. Fences or playground equipment, like swings, can act as a good anchor point when tying things down. 

Do not attempt to use the pool as a secure location for your garden furniture. This normally causes damage to your pool which will become a costly repair after hurricane season. 

Check Your Garden Trees

Trees in your garden can be a great anchor for outside furniture if they are healthy. Trim them down before the hurricane hits if they have dead or rotting branches. They are dangerous weapons in the hands of a hurricane. Get rid of them now to prevent the hurricane from ripping them off and throwing them at your windows. 

Florida Fancy trees are hurricane resistant and can sit safely in your garden. So you don’t need to worry about them too much. 

You will also want to harvest any edibles growing on your trees. Even if they are not quite ripe, the storm will rip away any coconuts or other fruits you have growing. So get them while you can. 

Double Check the Garden

Get yourself a good vantage point after bringing everything inside or securing them in the garden and scan your garden. Look for toys, decorations, gnomes, signs, anything that a hurricane wind can pick up and use as a projectile. Ensure that you bring all the items inside and store them safely away. The dogs ‘ kennel is often missed or forgotten, so make sure you get that inside. 

Timing is Everything

You should always prepare your garden for a hurricane before the hurricane begins, preferably a day or two before. Never try to go out and secure your garden during a hurricane. Flying debris can be deadly. High winds can lift items in your garden and throw them at you, stay inside where it is safe.  

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