How to Maintain Your Impact Windows and Doors

Impact windows and doors are a valuable asset for the home, but they are also an asset that need regular maintenance. They have to face the elements year after year meaning they can suffer from:

  • Water damage.
  • Debris.
  • Insects and other pests.
  • The impact of time itself.

This guide highlights the things you can do to make sure that your windows and doors last for many hurricanes to come. 

Do you Need to Clean them Regularly?


Cleaning impact windows and doors regularly doesn’t simply provide you with a fresh clean view, it helps to ensure that your windows last a long time. 

Over time the dirt, dust, and tiny particles that come in with rainwater and hurricane debris can cause damage to your windows, window frames, and the sealing around the edges. A proper cleaning routine puts a stop to this weather damage. 

When Cleaning your Windows

If you decide to clean your impact windows with a pressure hose, use light pressure. As an impact window it can take direct pressure from a pressure hose, but forced and consistent pressure from a hose directly onto the sealant around the window will slowly cause your windows problems that you do not need reducing its shelf life. Avoid the problem and use low pressure. 

Watch your chemicals. If your impact windows or doors have aluminum frames especially. These can be sensitive to some chemicals that are corrosive. If you are unsure, make a point of washing each window and door individually so as to avoid leaving chemicals on the window or door for too long. 

Regularly check All Windows, Doors, and Frames

You should be regularly checking your impact products for maintenance issues. This is easiest to do when you are washing your impact windows and doors. Keep an eye out for the following issues and, if you can, correct them. 

  1. Rust or the beginnings of rust.
    1. Very common on aluminum frames. If caught early, it won’t be a problem and can be fixed with some scrubbing and sealant. If left too long, you will need a new frame. 
  2. Cracks or chips in the glass.
    1. Smaller chips can be fixed. (Always check with your impact window supplier if you are not sure.)
    2. A fault in the glass could lead to an emergency in the next hurricane. 
  3. Faults around the window or door.
    1. Sometimes it’s not the window or door that breaks but the brick/woodwork around it. As soon as problems are found, they should be fixed. 
  4. Loose windowsill.
    1. Could have been knocked loose in the last storm, or the children playing may have brought it down. Either way, that being loose may have provided the hurricane entry into the home under the window, or it may simply be another piece of dangerous debris the next time a hurricane blows in. 
  5. Locks.
    1. Make sure that all locks are still in working order. The last thing you need is a door or window flying open in the middle of a storm. 
  6. Termites and other pests. 
    1. Termites can undermine the strength of a home and any hurricane protection that you may have. Any warping, bending, or sagging in your woodwork needs investigation. 

Thinking About Investing in Impact Windows?

At G&R Impact Windows and Doors, we have what you need to protect your home against the hurricane season. Our impact windows are Miami Dade Certified and available in many style options to suit your taste and budget. With our finance option, everyone can find something to suit them because everyone deserves the right to a safe and secure home. 

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