How to Hurricane Proof Your Garage

When it comes to hurricane season, your home is not the only thing you need to worry about. Your garage needs protection too.

Hurricanes can cause a real mess in a garage leaving you with a lot of clean up and expense. Allowing a storm to breach your garage is allowing the storm to breach your home. This guide is here to help you find the best way to hurricane proof your garage. 

Step 1. Get a Hurricane Proof Garage Door

Not all doors are created equal. 

Storm resistant doors are available for garages of all makes and sizes. You will want to invest some funds into a door that has a high impact rating. Alternatively, look at doors that have a wind resistance of at least 130mph. 

Step 2. Brace the Door

A bracing system will add extra protection to your home. As most garage doors run on overhead tracks or a simple hinge system, they are vulnerable to slight breeches. But even a slight breach can cause extreme damage.

To combat this issue, you can install a bracing system. 

A bracing system anchors the doors to the walls, the floors, and the hinge. Normally made out of aluminium they provide a strong backbone to prevent strong winds from tearing your home apart. 

Step 3. Secure the Garage Windows

The door is not the only vulnerable spot in a garage. If your garage has windows you need to make sure that they are also storm proof. There are 3 common ways to accomplish this. 

  • Install impact windows to defend from the storm. 
  • Buy hurricane shutters that you can close on those windows when the storm arrives. 
  • Protect your windows with plywood boards.

Step 4. Maintenance

Make sure you complete regular maintenance checks on your garage. 

You will want to check for:

  • Loose or damaged bricks. 
  • Damaged roof.
  • Gaps where the door meets the wall.
  • Holes in the door itself. 
  • Gaps around the window frame. 
  • Weakened or bent bracing.

Remember, the slightest gap will allow the wind to enter, and once the wind enters the sheer sucking power of that hurricane will do a lot of damage. If you find any gaps, damages, or breaks, seal them up as a priority. Fixing these holes and issues will protect your garage and home.

Step 5. Install flood vents or Drainage

It only takes an inch of rainwater to cost you a fortune in repairs. 

Installing drainage outside can prevent water from seeping inside and making a mess. Drain systems also work well when they are installed either side of your driveway. 

Alternatively, you can install flood vents in your garage. This will help to quickly remove any water that makes it into the building. 

You may consider going with both options for full garage protection from the rain. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

All of the above steps used together, and checked on a regular basis, can prevent storm damage from breaking into your garage and home. 

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