How to Clean Impact Windows

Windows, no matter how it was made, are easy to get dirty. They deal with flies and other insects, rain, fingerprints, and dogs’ noses on a daily basis. A dirty window can ruin your view and take the overall look of your room down a notch. On the other hand, having fresh and crystal-clean windows can provide you with views that lift your soul and make you smile. To help you reach that goal, we are providing you with a simple guide to help you clean impact windows quickly and effectively. 

Step 1. Make Sure you Have the Right Cleaning Gear

You don’t need to be a professional window cleaner to have the right window cleaning gear. Nor do you need to spend a small fortune getting all the equipment they use. All you need is:

  • Two to Four Microfiber cloths or towels. Disposable cloths are not very efficient at removing excess water and they will cost more in the long run. 
  • Non-Abrasive cleaning solution. There are many brands of non-abrasive window cleaners available in stores. However, many window cleaners swear by a simple solution of fairy washing up liquid and water. 
  • A big soft sponge and/or a hose. A low-pressure hose is an excellent option for outside windows, but for cleaning the windows on the inside of your home it is more efficient to use a sponge. 
  • A Squeegee. This will help you remove excess water. 

Step 2. Choose the Right Time of Day for Each Window

You do not want to be cleaning your windows in the rain, but neither do you want to clean your windows in direct sunlight. If the water dries too quickly while you are washing your impact windows, the glass will be left with multiple watermarks. 

To combat this problem, opt to wash your windows on a sunny day but wash the windows out of direct sunlight. Over the course of the day the sun moves, this may mean you have to do half your house in the morning and the other half in the afternoon when the sun shifts to another direction. 

Step 3. Washing the Window

Start by getting your window wet with water and a cleaning solution. 

If you are using a bucket and sponge method, fill your bucket with a water and solution mix. Use your sponge to wash the window, ensuring you get in the corners. 

If you are using a hose, make sure that the pressure is not high enough to damage the seals around your window. To add your non-abrasive chemical to your window with this method, use a spray. Some people prefer to spray the window before the hose (this can leave watermarks) others will spray the window after using the hose (recommended). 

Remove any excess water.

The Squeegee will remove any excess water. Place it flat against your glass and, starting from the top corner, pull down. This will bring the excess water to the bottom of the glass. Repeat this manoeuvre as you move from one top corner to the other, pulling down each time. To remove any excess water from the bottom of the glass, run your squeegee along the bottom once you have brought all the water down. 

Be sure to shake excess water off your squeegee after each pull. Alternatively, use a microfiber cloth to dry it. 

Dry your windows with the microfibre cloth

The final step is to dry the windows with microfiber cloth or towels. These cloths are soft against the glass and will not leave marks. The quality of the material will also pick up any water that is left on the glass preventing it from drying in streaks. Use circular rubbing motions all over your window to ensure you remove every trace of water leaving your glass sparkling clean. 

The Quickest Way to Wash Your Windows

There is a quicker way to wash your impact windows that will save you time but cost you money. Window cleaners understand their trade and know exactly how to get your windows sparkling. They also carry extra tools such as sharp blades that can remove tough marks without scratching your glass or ladders to reach high windows. 

To hire a window cleaner, you will need to ask around your community to find someone who suits your needs. 

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