How to Choose the Right Impact Window Installer in Florida

Finding the right impact window installer for your home can be a challenge. It is not simply a case of finding someone who can install windows, because when hurricanes are involved, there is a lot more at stake. The wrong installer could leave you with thousands of dollars of damage to your home in the next storm, it could also mean a risk to life for you and your family if your impact windows fail. 

So, to help you be in the best position to select the right installer that you need for your home, we have written this handy guide to help you check all the right boxes. 

Step 1 – Know What You Need

There are a few things that you need to know before you even start hunting for the right installer. 

  1. What strength of impact windows are needed for your area?

Depending on where you live, you may need your impact windows to meet certain criteria. 

In Florida, all homes must have impact windows and doors that comply with the Florida building code. This same building code requires impact windows in the Miami Dade area to be HVHZ approved. Failing to meet these codes could mean disaster for your home when the next hurricane strikes. 

To find out what strength impact windows you need, talk to your local council or an impact window expert that works in the area. 

  1. Your insurance details

Some insurance companies include a clause on the type of impact windows or doors that your home needs. If you don’t have these specific windows or doors and the hurricane damages your home, the insurance may not payout. Read through your insurance details to make sure that you are meeting their required standards. 

Step 2 – Make a List of Local Window Installers

Find out what companies work in your area. This list is a basic starting point to help you find the perfect match for your needs and budget. 

To make the list, search online for local businesses, ask the local council for their recommendations, and ask your neighbours who they used.

Step 3 – Do Your Research

Once you have your list it is time to whittle it down. There are a few things you can do to find the best of them out of those you have. 

  1. Get chatting.

Talk to your neighbors. Ask them about the company they used, whether or not they recommend them, what type of problems they had, etc. If you live in an area where impact windows are necessary, you will have plenty of neighbors to choose from.

  1. Online reviews. 

Look at independent reviewing sites to see what people say about the company. Don’t just check the ones on the suppliers’ website as these are not always 100% reliable. 

  1. Call them.

Call each company that you are considering and ask them for a quote. Write the quote down along with any other information that they give you. You can compare these to weed out companies that have poor prices or don’t work in your area. 

Step 4 – Check Each Window Installer for Proper Licences and Qualifications

Check to see if they have the correct licenses to operate in your area. For Florida,  check that they have licenses with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Make a note of the qualifications they have listed on their website. What certificates of approval do they hold? Do they use the right products for the right area?

At this point, you also want to check and make sure that the company has insurance. You need to know that you are covered if anything goes wrong on their end. 

Step 5 – Call the References of your Window Installer Company

A reputable impact window installer company will have references from people that they have done work for in the past. In some cases, you can call these people and verify that the work has been done to standard. 

Step 6 – Know the Warranty

Before going forward with a window installer company, always check the warranty. Sometimes a warranty covers the glass but not the frames, other times it covers everything but the seals. Make sure you know what your guarantee and warranty look like before going ahead with the details.

Step 7 – Get a Written Contract from the Window Installer

Having everything down in writing protects both you and the contractor, so before work starts get an official signed contract from them. You will want this contract to cover:

  • The work they are doing.
  • All the products they are using with the Impact rating/grade. 
  • The agreed price.
  • Estimated start and completion dates.
  • The contractor’s name, street address, and telephone number. 
  • State license number.

Step 8 – Listen to your Gut

If you feel uncomfortable with a contractor, then don’t go with that contractor. Listen to your gut and go with a company that feels honest, reputable, and has everything you need to be safe in your home. 

Do not fall into the trap of going with the lowest quote as this is the most common route to find online scams or inferior work. 

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