How Long Does Impact Window and Door Installation Take?

There are many things that can determine how long it takes for the installation of impact doors and windows. It may be that you need custom windows. There may be more windows and doors than usual, like in a retail property. The state of the existing window frames. Even the structure type and size of the building can cause delays or speed things up. 

Because these little details can cause so many changes in your estimated time, we’ve provided a quick guide to how long it may take. Always consult your impact window and door installer for an estimate unique to your needs.  

Impact Window and Door Installation in the Average Home

It can take six to eight weeks to complete window installation on the average home, but not because it takes that long to install the windows. 

The weeks are normally between the signing of the contract, where your chosen company comes out and takes all the measurements, to the moment when the windows arrive for installation. Once the windows and doors have arrived it will not take long for the fitting of the windows to begin. 

Here is a rough timeline for the average home. Timelines will differ depending on company policy, supplier, location, and available delivery times. 

Week 1 – Come to agreement with chosen impact window and door installer and sign a contract. The company will then measure out all windows and doors and place an order. 

Week 2-6/8 – The long wait for your window order to arrive is down to manufacture and delivery schedules.. 

Week 6/8 – Once the windows have arrived it will take roughly 30 minutes per window to remove old windows and install your new impact windows. 

This means, after the long wait for your order to be delivered, it actually only takes a day for a small house (roughly 5-6 hours), and a couple of days for the average large house (12 hours+).

Common Issues that Lead to Longer Installation Times

There are a couple of things that can increase the time it takes to install your impact windows or doors. 

Moldy and Rotten Frames. 

This problem can add weeks to the installation time. Rotten or moldy frames will need replacing. They may need to be ordered or made. Old frames will be removed and new ones will be fitted. 

Custom Windows

Custom windows take longer to arrive as they will be made to order. This could add a couple of weeks to your estimated completion date. Using windows that are common on many homes will be a lot quicker as companies will already have many of these built and in stock. 

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