Four Ways Impact Windows Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home

You want your home to be strong, but you also want your home to be beautiful. When you live in an area prone to extreme weather events, you do your best to protect your investment. That includes installing impact windows and doors.

But aren’t impact windows bulky and unattractive? It’s a thought that may have crossed your mind. You’d be surprised to know that far from detracting from your home’s appearance, modern impact windows can add style, grace and comfort.

Glow Up with Grills

Windows are one of the first things someone notices about your home. They draw the eye from a distance and unify your home’s facade. When it comes to your home’s value, they are a feature you want to get right. Your grill pattern plays a critical role here.

These days, you can find impact window grills that match every architectural style. Never worry again whether you’ll have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic for safety. They also come in a range of colors, which will allow you to match your house’s exterior paint. 

Glamor Without Glitz

Believe it or not, you can also get that sleek, modern look you want for your home with impact windows. Most homes today emphasize minimalism over excess. Impact windows are an unobtrusive, lightweight addition. Their aluminum and vinyl frames will give you the clean lines you want. All these while offering big protection.

Make an Impact Inside and Out

When thinking of the aesthetic of your home, don’t just limit it to the outside. You spend the majority of your time inside, after all. Of course, you’d want it cozy. Make it as comfortable as possible with the right impact windows.

Impact windows have been known to reduce ambient, neighborhood sounds anywhere between 65 and 95 percent. That means very little random sound from outside intruding on your relaxation or family time. Most impact windows are built with a double layer of glass which helps block unwanted noise from your home.

Because of this, they also insulate your home better than ordinary windows. This means the temperature of your home is easier to regulate. No more feeling too hot or too cold, or making excessive use of your HVAC system.

Your impact windows are customizable so that they can decrease the amount of light in your home, or let in as much as you want. All up to you to decide.

Say It with Glass

Like your grills, your glass options can be made to order. Protect your family and home furnishings from dangerous UV rays with tinted glass. Create greater privacy with textured and frosted glass. 

There are even electrochromic options that change according to your lighting situation. That way you can have the best of both worlds. Perfectly clear glass to view those sunrises or sunsets and tinted glass to shut out the most oppressive heat and light at midday.

Don’t Forget Fixtures

They are such little things that can make a huge difference to the interior aesthetic of your home. Window fasteners are just as important to the look of your windows as the grill or the glass. With impact windows, you can get them in an array of styles and finishes.

Have a chic statement piece that visitors will love. Or, go for something low-key and functional if you’d rather not attract attention.

Closing the Window on This One

These days, there is no need to choose between having a sturdy home and a stylish one. When selecting your impact windows, know that they can offer the best of both worlds.

Remember that your home aesthetic is not just about the look of the home, but the feel as well. Is it inviting? Cozy? Outside of work, you spend the most amount of time at your home. Wouldn’t you like to make it as appealing as you can? Let us help you select your impact windows. Contact us at 1-305-925-0818 or email us at

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