Does the Florida Building Code Affect Impact Windows & Doors?

Since it first came into effect in 2000, the Florida Building Code (or FBC) has undergone several updates, with each update increasing the requirements for window and door projects in Florida.

Anyone looking to install impact windows or doors should be aware of any FCB requirements, especially if they plan to take care of the installation themselves. However, this isn’t recommended.

How the Florida Building Code Affects Window & Door Projects 

Let’s start with the fact that impact windows and doors are essential in Florida, especially in counties where winds and hurricanes are the strongest.

However, impact windows and doors are effective when they’ve met stringent FBC requirements.

It doesn’t matter whether you live along the coast or more inland, the window and door products that you use for your building and renovation projects need to comply with FBC laws. One requirement is that all windows and door projects need to be cleared by a local municipality.

And in the case of windows and openings, particularly those that are glazed, impact coverings need to be in place.

For anyone who lives in Miami-Dade Country, Palm Beach Country, Broward County, or Monroe County, a Wind-Borne Debris (WBD) certification is necessary. This is because winds are much stronger.

Why Impact Windows & Doors

Naturally, the biggest benefit of installing impact windows and doors is keeping your home and your loved ones safe and protected.

Impact products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet stringent standards. Some of the tests include pressure and structural testing, as well as water penetration.

But the benefits don’t end there. These products can also improve energy efficiency, reduce noise from the outside, and limit UV damage. And if security is a concern, there are impact products available that are designed to enhance home security too.

The good news is that you don’t need to put style aside to stay safer during hurricanes and storms either. There are a number of window and door designs to choose from that will fit in with your aesthetics.

What you should know is that choosing the right contractor for your impact window and door projects makes all the difference. You need someone with the right experience and a sound reputation. This way, you can sleep soundly knowing your project meets the necessary requirements.

Need Help with Your Installation?

If you have any questions about the Florida Building Code or require product recommendations for your upcoming renovations or home upgrades, we can assist. Contact G&R Impact Windows and Doors on (305) 925-0818.

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