Do New Builds Require Impact Windows?

Hurricanes are getting more frequent and more intense and impact windows are a strong defense against them. With that in mind, is it a requirement for new builds to have impact windows?

New Builds Do Not Require Impact Windows

The short answer is no. 

In fact, the amount of hurricane defense a new building must have depends on where your home is in Florida. For the safest and strictest building codes, you want to look at Miami Dade County. 

New builds in this area require all windows to be impact-resistant or protected by a shutter. 

In order to meet the strict standards of Miami Dade County, these impact windows or shutters need to meet NOA testing standards (Notice of Acceptance). They go through rigorous impact testing to ensure that they can stand up to the hurricanes of the area. The tests that they use come from the historical data of hurricanes in the area. Every impact product is expected to exceed the requirements needed to withstand the storm. 

So, no. New builds do not require impact windows. However, they are required to be protected from a hurricane through impact windows or hurricane shutters. 

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Home Hurricane Security?

If you are living in the Miami Dade area and need to replace your windows or are looking to upgrade from hurricane shutters, then you need to make sure your windows are Miami Dade Certified. 

At G&R Impact Windows and Doors we make sure that every impact product meets the high standards of the Miami Dade Code. Your safety is our priority. For a free estimate or to talk to one of our friendly experts about our impact products use our contact us page or call us at 305-414-2484. 

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