Do I Need Hurricane Shutters If I Have Impact Windows?

When you live in an area regularly hit by hurricanes you want the best protection for your home and your family. Both impact windows and hurricane shutters offer protection to your home, but do you need both? Or is it better to have one or the other.

Impact Windows

Impact windows offer excellent protection for your home. They are three times thicker then regular glass and have been tested in hurricane conditions. Fitting your house with impact windows can be an expensive undertaking, but it is one that offers the best protection. It also provides you with the opportunity to watch the world outside as a hurricane blows on by. 

Impact windows protect your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week without you having to do anything except make sure they are closed and locked. 

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters offer good protection for your home. There exists a wide variety of shutters, from doors that you simply close over your windows, to electronic roll down shutters. This variety means that you will find shutters to fit all types of budgets, with some of the more expensive ones costing more than impact windows. 

You need to have the shutters fitted and closed for them to provide protection form the storm. 

Do I Need them Both?

Having both fitted defeats the purpose of the impact windows. 

Impact windows can stand against category 5 storms and the debris that comes with it. 

True, installing hurricane shutters over impact windows will offer an extra layer of protection. But you will simply be giving yourself more work to do, more to maintain, and more costs. Having the two together is not necessary. 

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