Do I Need an Impact Door?

When you live in an area that takes a battering from storms regularly, you do all you can to protect your home. You replace windows with impact windows, ensure your garage and roof are stormproof, and anchor down everything in the garden when a storm is coming. But have you given a thought to your front door?

The Unsung Hero

The front door to your home is the unsung hero of your house. Think about all that it accomplishes. 

  • It secures your home while you are away.
  • It’s the first line of defense against unwanted visitors.
  • Keeps your young ones inside when they have just started to walk. 
  • It stops the storm from getting in. 

It’s that last point that is important here. Does your front door stop a hurricane from getting in? Of course, one entry point is all a hurricane needs to cause significant damage to your home. But, like any part of your home, the front door is not something you want to neglect. 

The Benefits of an Impact Door

Of course, there is the option to use hurricane shutters to protect your front door. However, impact doors are more than solid doors that defend against a hurricane. 

An impact door provides your home with a strong defense against a hurricane defending your home from high winds, rain, and flying debris. They also:

  • Improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home.
  • Reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Creates a soundproof barrier reducing any noise coming in or leaving your home. 
  • Provide your home with an even stronger defense against unwanted visitors. 

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