Can Impact Windows Reduce Insurance Costs?

Storms and hurricanes can cause severe damage to your property, so it’s only natural to wonder whether products such as impact windows reduce insurance costs?

Impact windows and doors can prevent or at least drastically reduce the damage caused by hurricanes in Florida. However, they are not mandatory additions to your home.

The good news is that if you do decide to invest in impact windows, your home insurer will very provide you with some sort of discount.  In fact, it’s legally required. If you refer to Florida Statute 627.0629, you will see that insurers are required to provide a discount if the client has taken effective storm protection measures at home.

If you are worried about cost, impact windows are probably one of the more affordable changes you could make to your home to benefit from an insurance discount. This makes sense whether cost is a consideration or not since your windows are one of the more vulnerable areas during a storm.

Once you’ve installed the impact windows, be sure to contact your insurer about the addition and applying the discount to your monthly premium. Some homeowners are able to save thousands of dollars in insurance costs every year just from making this minor adjustment.

To ensure that you don’t run into any issues during the process though, it helps to find a reputable and experienced installer. This ensures the impact windows are installed correctly and that an approved brand is installed too. Impact windows need to undergo several tests before they are cleared for installation but there are some products on the market that do not meet the necessary standards.

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