Can Impact Windows Increase the Value of My Home

Impact windows are most often bought out of necessity. They offer excellent protection against hurricanes and storms, helping you to feel safe in your home. They can also improve the value of your home. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Impact Windows

Impact Windows are designed to protect a home from the wind, rain, and debris of a hurricane but that is not all they are capable of. Here are some other great benefits of impact windows:

  • Impact Windows increase your homes’ energy efficiency. 

An Impact window reduces the amount of solar heat that can get into your home in the summer. This means that it will be easier for your home to remain cool and therefore reduces the use of air conditioning. They also help retain heat in your home on a cooler day reducing the need for heating. Overall, your home will not need to spend as much on fuel bills. 

  • Impact Windows reduces the outside noise.

Noise reduction can be a big bonus if you live in a tourist spot, on the route to a school run, or near a busy road. The extra thick glass keeps your home sounds inside and the sound of neighbors and the rest of the world, outside. 

  • Impact Windows provide an extra layer of security. 

It is not unheard of for a burglar to break into homes by means of breaking a window. By installing impact windows on your home, you have taken away that option, boosting your home’s security. 

  • Impact Windows reduce the Insurance Premium.

When installed correctly, and in adherence to the Miami Dade code, impact windows reduce the chances of your home being damaged in a storm. Most insurance companies recognize this and offer a reduced insurance premium.

Do Impact Windows Increase Home Value

When looking at the value of your home, the improvements made by impact windows are all taken into account. 

When referencing the Zillow Group Report you will find that over 50% of people looking to buy a home will pay more for an energy-efficient house. Energy efficient windows are ranked as extremely important to important. 

Soundproofing and security are considered important factors for younger families. While reduced home insurance premiums are something that everyone desires. 

Impact windows don’t just improve value by looking good and protecting your home. They also improve value because they save you money and stress in the long run. 

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