Can I Install Impact Windows Myself?

Making sure your home is protected during hurricane season is essential, but is it possible to take a DIY route when installing impact windows?

Yes, you can absolutely install impact windows yourself. The real question is, should you?

Installing impact windows can be tricky and this is one job that you want to get right the first time around. Installation matters in terms of keeping your home safe as well as ensuring you can claim a discount from your insurance provider.

Basically, hiring a professional to assist you is always the better choice. Even more so if you’re dealing with hard-to-reach windows or you have an older home.

However, if you do want to install impact windows yourself, you would start by removing the existing window from its frame. Next, the impact windows need to be fitted inside the frame. Dry fitting the unit is best as this ensures accurate sizing and operation.

Once the impact windows are in place, you’re going to need to remove the unit and apply a sealant – make sure that the sealant is approved for outdoor use. You can now place the window back inside the frame and let it set.

As you can imagine, not only do you need to have some DIY knowledge but the right tools too. These requirements paired with the time it takes to install impact windows make hiring an expert much more appealing.

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