Are Wood or Aluminum Impact Windows Better?

f you live in any hurricane area, you will, at some point, consider making a move to impact windows. When you do, you will be faced with many decisions. Can I use wooden impact windows, or would it be best to go for aluminum impact windows? Which style is the safest option for my home? 

This brief explanation will help you to make the right choice for your home. 

Wood Impact Windows Pros and Cons

Wooden Impact windows can look amazing on a home. Because wood is a natural material, it has its own colors, textures, and smells that are hard to replicate. When it reaches the end of its lifecycle, it will break down naturally, having little negative effect on the environment. A wooden impact window can also be varnished or painted in a variety of colors and styles so everyone can find something to suit their taste. 

On the downside, wooden windows require ongoing maintenance. They are susceptible to water damage and insect damage. A wooden window can also warp. All these things make wood a bad choice for impact windows. 

Aluminium Impact Windows Pros and Cons

Aluminum Impact windows are a sturdy and durable option. They are recyclable which is, of course, a great option for the environment. Aluminium Impact Windows also require very little in the way of maintenance. 

However, like wood, aluminum has its own issues. The main complaint about aluminum windows is that they are a heat conductor. This makes them less energy efficient than a wooden window. Some companies do provide aluminum impact windows with a thermal barrier to negate this issue. 

For impact windows, aluminum is a good choice. It is stronger than most materials and works in a variety of environments. 

Wood Clad Impact Windows

Wooden Hybrid windows or wood-clad aluminum windows offer the best of both worlds. You can have the safety of an aluminum window with the sleek natural look of wood. 

Having a window clad in wood also offers the home a better resistance to air infiltration and improves energy efficiency. This can improve the thermal issues that come with aluminum windows.  

The bottom line? If you want the luscious warmth of a wooden window but need the safety and durability of a stronger material, like aluminum, opt for wooden-clad impact windows.  

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