Are Sliding Windows Right For You?

Do you live in the tropics? In a valley or a beautiful mountain range? Near the seaside? Imagine not being able to take advantage of those views.

Some locations just lend themselves to sliding windows. They let in all the light and color. But they aren’t the only situations sliding windows are appropriate for.

Sliding Windows are Economical

Saving money can be beautiful too and sliding windows are a budget-friendly option. They are a good long-term investment as they are easy to maintain and stand up well to wear and tear.

These windows can be customized to be energy efficient with special coatings. You can enjoy saving on your utilities.

They Illuminate

In every house, there’s always that one room that remains dark throughout the day. Interior designers suggest the use of sliding windows to brighten up this area and bring it into the rest of the home.

The Look They Achieve is Modern

If your home is a modern or contemporary one, it will benefit from the sleek, streamlined aluminum frames of a sliding glass window. They are best avoided if you have a more traditional styled home

They Enliven Horizontal Space

A room with large, horizontal space is in the best position to take advantage of a bank of sliding windows, particularly if it has a great view. This is best for bedrooms, kitchens, living and entertainment areas where you would want to impress guests, or simply enjoy the fruits of your hard work with a glass of wine in the evening.

Sliding Windows Make Small Homes Look Larger

People with starter homes often choose to go with sliding windows. A two-bedroom starter home occupies significantly less square footage, which tends to make it feel boxy. Low ceilings also add to this feeling of being closed off.

Open up the space with wider views of the outside. This not only adds light but feels as though there is more room.

They Make It Easier to Breathe

We’ve covered light and color. Let’s not forget air. Sliding windows are great for hot, muggy climates. They are also good for rooms that tend to be a bit stuffy.

If you’re thinking that sliding windows may be right for you, please give us a call at 305 – 925 – 0818 or email your questions to Our qualified staff is waiting to hear from you.

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