Are Picture Impact Windows as Safe as Other Impact Windows?

It is easy to understand how this question arises, after all, picture windows have large, unprotected surface areas. Yet, they can bring a quality of magnificence into your home. Are they as safe as other impact windows, or would you be safer to stock your home with windows from the smaller but more practical impact window collection?   

What are Picture Impact Windows?

Picture windows are actually a great choice for a home if you have the opportunity to look out on a vista. 

Unlike regular impact windows, a picture impact window provides a large clear view without being split up by any kind of frame. They can be extra large, maximizing natural light as well as the picturesque view beyond. They are the perfect window of choice for connecting the inside of the home with the outside world. 

But does this grand size without a frame provide a weaker impact window?

No. They are just as strong as any other impact window in the impact window range. 

Picture Windows are Safe

Picture windows do have a downside, but that downside is not safety. It is, in fact, to ensure that the window is as strong and as safe as the other impact windows that they have this downside. 

They do not open. They do not slide. 

A picture window is a fixed window that cannot be moved at all. Yet it can give a space an amazing look whilst maintaining high levels of safety. 

G&R Impact Windows

If you are looking at installing a magnificent picture impact window in your home, look no further than G&R Impact Windows and Doors. All of our windows, including our picture windows, meet the high standards of the Miami Dade County Code so you know you are safe with us. 

For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us through our website or call us at 305-414-2484.

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