7 Reasons to Get Impact Windows (Besides Safety)

When looking for hurricane or impact windows, the motivating factor is usually the need to protect your home during the hurricane seasons. However, there are many other reasons to consider investing in hurricane windows. 

1. Energy Efficiency

It is a well-known fact that hurricane-rated windows make your home more energy-efficient. They are better than traditional windows in keeping the house cooler, or warmer than the outside, helping you to spend less on air conditioning and heating. 

It doesn’t only save you money with the energy companies; your heating and air conditioning units will last longer as they will not be in use as often. As a result, you will have to replace or maintain the systems less often, saving you even more cash. 

2. SoundProofing

A desirable side effect of impact glass and sturdy sealed frames that come with impact windows is how they make the home soundproof. You will no longer hear the traffic or the screaming youngsters running by as they try to get to school. No longer will the neighbors listen to you singing to your music. Soundproofing prevents most noise from leaving or entering the home. 

3. Impact Windows Reduce Home Insurance Premiums

Lower home insurance does not affect the safety of your home, but it helps your wallet. There are many, if not all, home insurance companies that provide lower home insurance rates if you have impact windows. 

Of course, your window installation needs to be correct for the insurance to provide the premium. It means getting the right windows from a company with the certificates to work in your area. However, a do-it-yourself fitting of hurricane-rated windows can cost you lower rates on home insurance. 

4. Style and Curb Appeal

Some homes opt to use hurricane shutters instead, and these can look good, but overall, impact windows provide a cleaner and fresher look to your home. In addition, there are many styles of windows to choose from, so you can always find something to suit your tastes. 

5. Increasing Home Value

The above four features also create this feature. The added energy efficiency, soundproofing, lower premiums on home insurance, and great style, together with the safety features of impact windows, increase your home’s overall value. 

Statistics show that homes with hurricane-rated windows and doors sell for more than a home with a shutter installation. 

6. Impact Windows Increase Home Security

Another excellent feature of hurricane-rated windows and doors is security. Again, we are not talking about alarms, sensors, or CCTV. We are talking about the strength behind these products. If the product can prevent flying debris from breaking into your house, how much more can stop a burglar in their tracks?

Impact-strength windows and doors are much harder to break or force open. 

7. Convenience

If a hurricane blew your way, you would not need to drop everything to secure your windows with shutters or plywood. They will withstand the hurricane without the need for shutters or plywood. All you need to do is close your windows before the arrival of the hurricane.

Buy Miami Dade Certified Impact Windows with G&R

At G&R Impact Windows and Doors, we ensure that Miami Dade Certified Impact Windows and Doors are an option for every Florida family. To get a quote on your impact windows, ask for a quote through our contact us page or by calling us at 305-414-2484. In addition, one of our friendly and expert team members will be happy to provide you with any assistance or advice you need. 

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