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Up to 25% less than comparable premium brands. Guaranteed!

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100% Free Quote + Consultation

Up to 25% less than comparable premium brands. Guaranteed!

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Interesting in $0 Down Financing?*
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100% Financing – No Payments until 2024*
#CGC1527181 – Licensed & Insured

Your home is important to you, it’s the space where you relax and spend time with the people you love – it’s one of your greatest assets. Unfortunately, storms and hurricanes can destroy your haven in a matter of minutes if it’s not fully protected.

Our specialized impact windows, doors, and storm roofing are manufactured with top quality materials, ensuring your home is kept safer in even the toughest storm.

The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Protection from Storms

Protect your home and loved ones from severe storms and hurricanes. Even burglars will have a tougher time getting inside.

Reduce Your Bills

Impact windows and doors are more efficient, which means you can enjoy lower electricity and insurance bills.

A Quieter Home

These specialized windows and doors also reduce exterior noise, providing you with a more tranquil space.

Hurricane Impact Windows

Impact Windows

We are one of the few manufacturers of high-impact hurricane windows that meet Miami-Dade’s rigorous requirements.

Hurricane Impact Doors

Impact Doors

Hurricane Resistant Impact Doors elevate the look of your home while keeping you safe from storms and intruders.

Storm Proof Roofing

Storm Proof Roofing

With superior workmanship and quality, our roofs are built to withstand Florida’s hurricane-force winds and keep your family safe.

No more hurricane shutters

We all know what it’s like when a hurricane is coming.
You deserve to feel safe and prepared in your own home.

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Find answers and general information

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Hurricane impact windows and doors combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass. The laminated glass is built with a PVB interlayer, sealed between two layers of glass, which allows for strong binding, optical clarity, and tough adhesion.

The Florida statute 627.0629 for residential properties, requires all insurance companies to provide homeowners with insurance discounts if their homes are protected against windstorms, effectively. Typically, when all windows in your home are protected by impact-resistant windows and doors you can be eligible for a premium discount. Please be sure to check with your insurance agent to better understand your insurers incentives and discounts.

At Topex, all parts and labor are guaranteed with a 3 year warranty! We will work with you to make sure the job is done efficiently and to the highest standards. Every project is approved by your local building code enforcement agency.

All of our products are 100% American-Made and manufactured locally in South Florida. This allows us to deliver our impact windows quickly and at the lowest cost. Our premium impact windows and doors can save you up to 25% over national companies like PGT and CPG Windows.

Yes! Impact windows and doors reduce your energy bills by reflecting outside heat and insulating your home. This helps to regulate temperatures and cut down on energy spending. In some cases, having impact glass windows and doors in your home may qualify you for energy saving tax credits, like EnergyStar!

Hurricane shutters strength depends on the strength of the windows beneath them. Often shutters can not protect against debris and high winds. Shutters also can be a considerable amount of work to put up and take down each time a storm is coming. Ask your representative today about how installing impact windows and doors can pay for themselves over time with Renew Financial financing.

All of our hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors are manufactured right here in Miami, FL. Our manufacturing partner, EcoWindows, works directly with Miami-Dade County to ensure all of our products meet the highest standards.

Our premium windows cost 25% less when compared to other premium window installers! The cost of hurricane impact windows & doors varies based on a number of factors including the size, style, shape and current condition of your home. Because of this Topex offers Free at-home estimates, where we can come out to your home and provide a guaranteed written estimate. Topex is partnered with Renew Financial, which offers $0 Down & 0% Interest Financing to all of our customers.

It is the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) issued by the Miami-Dade County that certifies a product as impact resistant. This product approval also provides a label for the product that designates how long the certification will last. The NOA also provides information on dimensions, parts, materials, accessories, and installation guidelines for a product. You can download a copy of the NOA from the Miami-Dade County website.

Yes, our impact glass comes in a variety of color tints, including gray, bronze, and green. We offer many different styles of windows and doors. Click here to see an overview of our products.

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